Rain, Rain, Go AWAY ... or just don’t come at all!

PLAN for bad weather!

To date I have NEVER met a Bride or Groom that said “WOW I really wish it rained on my wedding day!”

There are many factors that a planner or coordinator can handle but bad weather is definitely a stress for everyone on the big day. As a planner I watch the weather like a hawk as the big day is approaching, constantly re-assuring my clients that watching the weather a week before is just going to stress them out. The day before the wedding is a bit better but even with that much time there is only so much that you can do if bad weather is coming your way.

BEST advice that I give to ALL of my clients is to plan for the worst. If you are planning a wedding in the winter and you live in New York you need to plan for potential SNOW. This can affect your transportation to and from the wedding AND can impact any guests flying in or out.

HOW ABOUT if you are planning a destination wedding … Is it hurricane season? What season is it for the guests that are flying to wherever that destination may be? Will the flights be delayed?

ANYWAY … I can go on forever.

CONTACT Forever Young directly and let us help you plan for the worst and have the BEST time!


LOVE for the Bridesmaids!

Bridal Party sizes are growing each and every year. As a planner for the past five years I have seen the trend and growth in bridal party sizes! Brides always ask me about colors, style and options for their maids.

How big is your bridal party?

The best way to spend your wedding planning process and day-of is going to be with your best friends by your side. Picking your color scheme and bridal party attire can be stressful!

Brides are picking colors for the bridal party and letting the girls and guys chose what they want to wear! it is must easier for a girl to chose her dress that is best for her shape, size and height! Having your besties comfortable on the big day will only bring more peace and less stress on the big day!