From: Justin (Wedding Date: October 13, 2018)

Sara Greenberg!

The only name you need to know as a guy getting married. We would have paid triple the amount she charges, for all the work she puts in to making your wedding (Really your wife’s wedding) the perfect day! She went above and beyond what we expected of her and her team. Last minute hiccups that would cause a bride and groom to lose their heads on the day of or even a few days before the wedding, were handled and sorted out before we even heard about it. She did whatever she needed, to let us focus and enjoy our special day.

At first my wife and I did not hire a wedding planner, as things got more and more hectic, we knew we needed help. We met with Sara and had no reason to meet with anyone else. Her connections, her experience,  her ability to answer every question and act not only as a wedding planner but my wife’s go to person for all things wedding related (and even some non-related) showed us we had to look no more. She made my wife’s and in turn my life as easy as it could have been, while planning a wedding. She took the time to get to know us, our likes and our dislikes. Attending meetings and appointments she was not obligated to be at what so ever, changing her schedule to work around us and our needs. Sara made sure all of our vendors were on point, she coordinated with everyone to make sure there were no mistakes. She organized the whole bridal party consisting of 15 girls and 13 guys, keeping everything on schedule to a T.

My goal as a future husband was to make my wife’s day as easy and as enjoyable as I could. A day almost all women dream about for as long as they can remember. Having their perfect fairytale wedding, with no mess ups, no problems and most importantly NO STRESS!! That’s what my wife got, and it was all because of the simple act of hiring Sara.

I am indebted to Sara for all that she did for us. If you are reading this because you are looking for the right person to coordinate your wedding and to have someone by your side to make sure your day goes how you want it to go, your search is over. You found the one. Sara Greenberg!!

From: Brittany (Wedding Date: December 1, 2018)

When we first got engaged we did not know we NEEDED a wedding planner.  Now, we are one month married and we reflect on the most amazing day of our lives and thank Sara endlessly.  Sara from the beginning was organized, articulate, and nothing ever stressed her out.  Sara coordinated with every vendor to make sure everyone was on the same page and that our wedding day would be perfect.  She was on top of every detail. We went to Sara with every single question, she had every single answer.  No issue was too small or too big for her.  This truly made me, my husband, and my mother so calm during our 13 month engagement.  

Sara made my bridal shower dreams come true. Bridal showers are typically boring. I think you could ask all 80 guests at my shower, it was the best shower they have ever been to.  I wanted a candy bar but filled with candy from my childhood (pop rocks, caramel apple lollipops, Pez) Sara delivered that and more.  She made sure the games were limited per my request and created a beautiful floral arrangement for each table.

My rehearsal dinner was at Bowlmor (which I would highly recommend for a bride that wants to do something different than your typical sit down dinner). I was worried this was such a different idea, but Sara created a very chic atmosphere and everyone had the best time.

The day of my wedding I knew I could just look at Sara and feel calm. She was on top of everyone and everything on my big day! She was with me from the morning until I got on the bus at 1:30 a.m. to go to the hotel. Not only did she help me, but also my mom, mother-in-law, bridesmaids and of course, my husband.  

Sara is a MUST. She is easy to talk to, she goes above and beyond and assures you that your wedding is going to be the best day of your life (with her help!). My husband and I were able to focus all our energy on our wedding day with our full trust in Sara to get the job done.  She was a pleasure to be around and is now my forever friend and my go-to party planner for anything!

From: Meredith S. (Wedding Date: October 13, 2018)

A simple thank you cannot possibly contain enough words to completely express our appreciation. You stopped at nothing to make sure we had the most incredible day of our lives and there is nothing I can say that could translate the gratitude we have for Sara, Ali and Alex. Before I met Sara, I had so many images in my mind of what our wedding should be like and felt overwhelmed with all the details. But with Sara’s help, she instantly made that image a reality by carefully listening, offering her creative insights and putting it all into effect. After meeting Sara, I knew within minutes that this was the best decision I ever made. Prior to my wedding, Sara attended dress fittings so she knew exactly how to get me ready. This was not in her job description whatsoever. But without me even having to ask, she showed up to the bridal salon ready for my fitting. My dress was important to me and so it became just as important to her. Prior to the wedding, Sara also spent time meeting my parents and getting to know them. Again, without having to ask her to. She took it upon herself to ensure that my parents felt comfortable and trusted the person who was going to be organizing and managing all aspects of my night. During this entire process, Sara spent countless hours being my lifeline, my coach, my go-to person and at times, my sanity. No question was too big or too small. If you asked Sara a question, you had an answer within minutes. She researched everything and anything and helped sift through all the options and decision making that was oftentimes difficult. Sara did all of this because she loves her clients and puts her heart and soul into everything that she does. Sara attended meetings with me and organized every vendor timeline to ensure perfection. For vendors that were not as quick to respond to e-mails, she setup meetings without me just so all my questions were answered in a timely manner. There was no stone left unturned. Sara and I connected so well and it was because of how well she understood me and how much she genuinely cared. It was incredible how well she knew exactly what I needed any moment. She could literally read my mind and finish all of my sentences. Throughout this entire process, it was the greatest feeling to know that a single phone call, text message or email from her could make all my stress go away. On the day of my wedding, Sara and her team arrived first thing in the morning with my favorite cup of Starbucks. This is exactly how you want to start your wedding day! I was so relaxed knowing that they had everything under control. From there, they took care of every single solitary aspect of the day. They organized all important pictures for the photographer and videographer. They dealt with maintenance at the hotel when the power blew because of too many hair blowers. They organized a bridal party of 15 girls and 13 guys so that we weren’t a minute behind schedule. They stood next to me while I was getting my makeup done and spoon-fed me lunch. They did a last minute pickup at my seamstress an hour before my wedding because my after party dress wasn’t finished in time. They stood next to me all day to make sure that my dress laid perfectly and that there was not a single hair out of place. The list is truly endless. FYParties singlehandedly turned the wedding of our dreams into a reality and we couldn't be happier. These were duties that could be done by a venue’s bridal attendant or chaperone. We appreciate them and their talent so very much! We will never forget the weekend and everything that they did to make it magical. How fortunate we were to have them there throughout this process, helping us over the hurdles and getting us to the finish line. Not only was FYParties so much fun to have as part of our wedding day, they were also so special to have as part of this entire journey. And best of all, I’m concluding my wedding weekend with some life-long friends from FYParties! I love you all!

From: Rebecca K. (Wedding Date: June 22, 2018)

I do not even know where to begin on how amazing Sara was to work with! From the day we met her I knew that she was exactly who I needed to have by my side during the whole planning process! We originally hired her to help with the last few months of our wedding planning and day of coordination. Unfortunately due to certain circumstances we last minute had to change our date. Sara helped us every step of the way in making sure we had a smooth transition from our original date to our new date! Without hesitation she took on this new date and continued to help us with everything! Her attention to detail and organization skills are out of this world which made my life so incredibly easy! She even designed and created the most beautiful candy/dessert table for us! As if there was not enough bumps in the road our minister cancelled last minute and Sara without question stepped up to the plate and gave the most beautiful sermon ever! She took all stress away from me and was always available to talk or meet! I highly would recommend Sara and forever young to ALL couples!! She was not only the most amazing person to work with but she truly has become a forever friend!!

From: Lauren W. (November 9, 2017)

I found Sara on The Knot right when I got engaged. I had a vision of exactly how I wanted my wedding to be, but didn’t have the time or patience to fully execute every detail. That is where Sara excels! Sara and I met a year before my wedding and she prepared a whole timeline from there of the outlining the planning process. Sara is so responsive and quick, she helped me plan the most amazing wedding. Sara acted as the liaison between all of the vendors and venue, which was an enormous help. Sara had great recommendations for the vendors I had not selected yet, and I fully trust her judgement- she is a pro. There was no task too big or too small for Sara. She went above and beyond, even placating me during a few of my meltdowns and panics over wedding details. The day of my wedding Sara handled every thing. She kept everyone on time, made sure my husband and I got to eat and drink, and ensured guests were happy. If anything went wrong I still don’t even have a clue about it- thanks to Sara. 
I cannot recommend Sara more. Hiring her was a no brainer- my mind was at ease during such a stressful planning time. She is incredible.

From: Mother of the Bride, Mary Ellen 

Sara is the best!!! She made my daughter's wedding flow so seamlessly. She was there for the whole family. I was able to enjoy so much more of my daughter's wedding because Sara had our back. Sara you are now part of the family! We hope to see a lot more of you.

From: Lauren K.

Sara did a fantastic job working with our caterer to design the layout for our cocktail-style wedding reception. She did a great job handling the details over the weekend. I had an amazing time at my own wedding because Sara was behind the scenes managing everything and making sure each event of the evening went smoothly. Her experience and professionalism put me totally at ease.

From: Lauren R.

Sara made the entire day stress free. She handled everything expertly and coordinated everything in advance to make sure the day was perfect. She was always easy to contact and meet in advance and was organized and professional. We loved working with her and would recommend her to anyone looking for a coordinator.

From: Michelle & AJ 

We had Sara for our November 17, 2017 wedding and are so grateful that we had her there on our special day!! She made sure the day went smoothly and that we had everything we needed. She took care of so much for us that we had nothing to worry about the day of other than getting married and enjoying the night! If there were any issues, we didn’t even know about it because she handled it all. Sara is so nice and truly a pleasure to work with. We cannot thank her enough for helping us make our day absolutely perfect! We highly recommend her if you’re looking to have a stress-free wedding experience!

From: Nicole & Ben

"Sara was absolutely fantastic. My fiance and I needed help with our non-traditional wedding venue. We chose a beautiful rooftop restaurant to have our ceremony and reception. We needed Sara to help decorate and make sure everything was in place when we arrived. Not only did she do a beautiful job, she assured me and texted me pictures while I was getting ready so I didn't have to think about a thing. She also helped coordinate schedules and timelines with the rest of our vendors. Everything went flawless and we had the most beautiful wedding I could have ever imagined!"

From: Elizabeth Greene

From the moment I hired Sara for my September wedding, I felt completely at ease knowing she was there to help. Her professionalism, attention to detail and expertise are second to none. Sarah ensured everything on my wedding day flowed in an organized fashion. Bridesmaids, groomsmen and family were effortlessly coordinated thanks to Sarah. She made me feel calm and assured throughout the whole day, despite the hectic events of the day! Hiring Sarah made the world of a difference!

From: Sarah Lane

Sara, I speak on behalf of Marcos and both of our families by saying that we truly appreciate all that you did for us on our daughter's baptism day! You were so kind and generous with your time and attention to detail. Your ideas matched my vision perfectly and the execution was immaculate! You and your team far exceeded my expectations. You literally took ALL the stress away from us in every single way which allowed us to enjoy that precious time with our family members local and visiting from out of town. We will always have those memories cherished in our hearts thanks to you. I can't wait to start planning Alexandra's 1st birthday and our wedding with you!

From: Jay & Carlos

"From the very beginning, a few weeks before our wedding, Sara was wonderful to work with. I was immediately calmer and felt confident that it was all going to come together and that the long list of things that we had to do would somehow be accomplished. Sara is very well suited to this work because she comports herself in a way that inspires confidence and faith, and I think that she has considerable know-how when it comes to managing the multifarious demands of a large (100-person) event. I loved that she was able to offer suggestions and float her ideas without being pushy or imperious. It's also worthwhile to note, that she meshed extremely well with the Amenity Host at our venue, so much so that it was like they were bosom buddies by the conclusion of our event. Their bond really helped things to run more smoothly, I think. In the days leading up the event, Sara was great about making sure that everything was in place, that we weren't losing our minds, and that we were leaning on her as much as possible. That was a real comfort. I emphatically recommend Sara. We were very lucky to have her. There's simply no way we could've pulled it off without her."

From: Colleen

"Have to give a shout-out to Sara and the Forever Young Party Team for the INCREDIBLE job they did for my niece's engagement party at Distilled NY. The Forever Young team was nothing short of amazing. Every single detail was taken care of, including a million things I would have never considered. Sara took every bit of stress right out of me (and that's saying A LOT.) I still can't believe how perfect everything looked, how creative, how simply beautiful. It was all Sara's vision and she is absolutely amazing. I truly can not think of enough ways to explain how this team made this party insanely beautiful, fun, and so easy for me! The only regret I have is not hiring Sara first thing. Truly - if you are even considering conducting an event, any event, hire this team right away. Will be the best decision you've ever made."

From: Meghan

"I hired Sara as my day-of coordinator for my October wedding. She was incredibly helpful with all the last minute details and went above and beyond to make sure everything came out the way I wanted and the overall day went smoothly. She was always available to me when I had questions or needed help leading up to the day. Her services are reasonably priced, and worth every penny and more. It was a pleasure working with her, and I couldn't have pulled it off so well without her! I would very highly recommend her for any type of event!"

From: Christine

"Sara was amazing for our day-of coordination at our wedding. We hired Sara to complete table centerpieces, set up our photo booth and do other small day-of execution. Sara was professional and incredibly kind during all of our interactions and went out of her way to be accommodating and helpful. Our venue was less than great during our reception (especially at the start) and Sara was amazing at trying to alleviate our concerns and acting as the in-between so that we did not have to worry. She also went above and beyond in completing some of the work that the venue itself should have taken care of. Thank you so much, Sara, for making our day wonderful- you are so kind, helpful, and supportive!!"

From: Rob

"I honestly cannot say enough about the work and just the confidence and calmness Sara brought to our wedding. From Day 1, she was thoroughly involved and a steady voice in an otherwise hectic time. A much needed and much welcome helping hand, especially as things went off the rails at the venue!"


From: Shannon

"My husband and I hired Sara to help plan and coordinate my baby shower. She was a pleasure to work with, had many great ideas, amazing follow up and very strong communication skills. I would highly recommend her! She helped make the shower a huge success!"

From: Heather

"Sara was absolutely amazing in making everything seamless. She was able to make us feel at ease and not worry about a thing! I would recommend Sara (Forever Young Party & Event Planning Ltd,) to any Bride :) She is extremely organized and will get back to you promptly with any questions you may have! She made My Wedding planning experience extra special and less stressful."

From: Melanie

“Sara Greenberg is amazing! She couldn't have been more pleasant, competent, professional, caring, accommodating, and more adjectives like this.  I hired Sara to help me out the day of my daughters wedding.  She was constantly asking if I would like her to do more as the wedding planning was happening (as the mother of the bride, I wanted to take control of everything).  Sara helped me constantly. She gave us ideas and constantly reassured me to be more relaxed, which I did, knowing that she was always there for us. I can't say enough great things about her.  I recommend her highly and I feel so lucky that I found her.  I say, if you need any kind of event planning DEFINITELY use Sara.”